Sales Coaching Tip – What Got Them Here Won’t Get Them There

Sales Coaching Tip – What Got Them Here Won’t Get Them There

Often team members get stuck in a sales performance rut because they continue to do the same things they’ve always done.

You know the old adage … “What got you here won’t get you there.” And to connect this to your role as a sales coach, it should read … What got them their current sales results won’t necessarily get them to hit their sales targets.

With this in mind, help your team try new approaches so they focus on what works not on what has always been done before.

You can do this in your coaching conversations by asking questions to clarify how their approach worked.

What might this look like in a coaching conversation?

If a team member was reflecting on a client conversation in your coaching session, you might ask questions like:

“What were the results of that approach?”

“How did the client respond to that?”

“What did the client say that let you know it worked?”

Or if you were brainstorming with a team member about what they could do next time they were in a similar situation, you could ask questions such as:

“Which of these options do you think would work best for the client?”

“Of all the ideas we brainstormed, which ones do you think would increase the likelihood that the client would buy?”

“Which alternative do you feel would be most helpful to the client?”

By helping your team members focus on the effect of their actions rather than their actions, you’ll help them shift from doing the same old activities to engaging in more effective sales methods that work better for them and clients.

Who on your team continues to do the same things or to get the same results?

What can you do to help shift their focus from what they are doing to the effect they are having?

What can you ask to help shift your coaching conversations with them to engaging in more effective behaviors?

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