Coaching Tip – How to Rebuild Customer Trust

Coaching Tip – How to Rebuild Customer Trust 


When companies lose the trust of their clients, leaders often aren’t sure how to earn back the trust their people have lost.

Some leaders try to solve the problem by engaging in a more “command and control” leadership style. This often feels like it’s working from a leader’s perspective but any employee who has experienced it can verify it isn’t very effective.

Yet other leaders seek out external consultants and/or coaches to work with their team members. This method often yields results but can involve a lag time, and usually includes additional unexpected costs.

My trust research indicates leaders have an alternative to help their team members rebuild trust with clients. An added bonus of this research is … if leaders implement it, they’ll also earn greater trust from and better engage their team members. The research provides leaders with a solution that is more immediate and cost effective.

Leverage Neuroscience as a Leader

A neurological phenomenon provides a simple solution.

You may have heard of mirror neurons. They’re the part of the brain that explains the old adage “monkey see, monkey do.”

You may have observed mirror neurons in action if you’ve observed a child’s party lately. You’ll notice that once one child starts acting up, other children follow suit with similar misbehaviors. If one child starts whining or screaming, the others mimic the behavior.

Good news is: mirror neurons can perform magic at work.

Let’s look at what it could look like when organizational trust has been lost with clients. If leaders focus on building trust with their team members, those team members will focus on building with clients.

Pretty simple. Yet let’s see what added support is provided from additional research.

Discover the Trust Research

We put the concept to the test by surveying hundreds of employees. You may be surprised that employees say they will do a better job if they trust their leaders. But that’s not all.

They also told us they are more willing to do the following when they trust their leader:

  • Speak more directly with their leader
  • Ask for help when they need it
  • Tell their leader what they know and don’t know
  • Ask for clarity when they don’t understand
  • Be more open to suggestions
  • Try new ideas
  • Ask for more feedback
  • Admit they don’t know earlier so their leader can help them

If you are like most leaders, you are probably pleasantly surprised that by building more trust with your team can positively impact their behavior with you. Employees said that when they trust their leader, they treat clients better. Mirror neurons in action once again.

The solution is simple, as well as immediate and cost effective. By focusing on building trust with your team members, you let mirror neurons perform their magic, help rebuild trust with your company’s clients and earn back some organization trust.

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