Sales Coaching Tip –Become an Better Sales Coach in Today’s Marketplace

Sales Coaching Tip –Become an Better Sales Coach in Today’s Marketplace


Your team’s sales world has evolved.  Prospects are more product-savvy (which is changing the way they make their buying decisions) and social media is shifting the landscape of selling.  As a sales manager, the question is: How can you become a better sales manager and sales coach in the context of this sales environment?

Selling in today’s marketplace dictates that sales managers update their sales coaching to match their sales team’s sales world.  Gone are the days of using the same old sales coaching techniques with your sales people.  To keep up with your team’s sales reality, your sales coaching needs some updating too.

Sales Coaching in today’s marketplace means your sales coaching is customized to the demands on your sales people, including how to work with product-savvy prospects and to better leverage social media (so it yields results and doesn’t become a time vampire).

1. Help Product-Savvy Prospects With Their Buying Decisions

Prospects often have much of their buying decisions made before they even speak with one of your sales people.  This means that prospects are coming to their sales conversations with information about your company’s product(s)/service(s) before they speak with a member of your sales team.

I’ve been polling business audiences and most claim they have 75 percent of their buying decisions made before they speak with a sales person.  That implies that most prospects only need help with the other 25 percent of their buying decisions.

When a prospect has a large portion of their buying decision made, the nature of a sales person’s conversation is then limited to the remaining percentage left in the prospect’s buying decision.

What does this mean for your sales coaching? It would be wise to coach your sales people to focus on developing ways to discover where their prospects are in their decision-making and better address their prospects’ remaining 25 or 30 percent of those buying decisions.

2. Leverage Social Media to Build Better Business Relationships

A Forbes headline provides a compelling argument for your sales people to incorporate social media as part of their sales strategy.  The headline?  “Study: 78% of Salespeople Using Social Media Outsell Their Peers.”

As part of your sales coaching, coach your sales people on their use of social media.  If they do it well, your sales people will discover they can prospect more efficiently, sell more effectively and earn more referrals.

Start by coaching your salespeople on their use of LinkedIn.  It provides them with an ideal opportunity to connect with prospects and clients and demonstrate the sales principle: selling is about helping others with their buying decisions.  As you know, the emphasis in social media is about helping others.

When you coach your sales people on their LinkedIn profile, start by helping them improve:

  • The information in their profile that helps prospects justify their buying decisions
  • The quality of their “Recommendations” from clients
  • The details in their profile that will increase the engagement of their prospects (their profiles should answer prospects’ unspoken question – why would I want to buy from you?)
  • Their use of media (videos, slide presentations, images or documents) in their profile to address their buying criteria

Once you have sufficiently coached your salespeople on their profiles, coach them to develop a LinkedIn strategy that will allow them to attract people to their profile, provide value to prospects, and reach out to those who would be ideal clients.  If your sales team attends conferences and events as part of their sales strategy, explore how they can use LinkedIn before, during and after events to build better business relationships.

By updating your sales coaching to match your team’s sales world, you ensure your sales people are getting the sales development they need to sell more in their sales reality.

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