Sales Tip – Selling to Clients Who Are Misinformed

Sales Tip – Selling to Clients Who Are Misinformed


Sometimes clients can be misinformed. Some sales people might say this isn’t a big sales issue.  When put in the context that misinformed clients are interested in buying but often buy the “wrong” product/service, it adds value for sales people to assist their clients so they move from being misinformed to well-informed.

As experienced sales people know, there’s a fine line between telling clients they have the wrong information and providing them with the correct information. Sometimes the sales person’s intent of helping clients be more well-informed can be mistaken as self-serving.

Not all sales people find it easy to tell clients they are wrong.  Some sales people have experienced clients taking their correction in the wrong way.  The outcome can sometimes be broken down trust between the sales person and the client.

For these reasons, you want to be tactful when helping clients with their buying decisions when you discover they are misinformed.  There are a couple of steps you’ll find helpful when it comes to helping misinformed clients:

1. Discover the information clients are using to buy

When you discover clients are basing some of their decision making on incorrect information, explore with your clients what they are basing their decision on.

2.  Engage in a sales conversation redirect

A conversation redirect is one of the most effective ways to tactfully help clients shift their attachment from the inaccurate information to the accurate. One of the simplest ways to do this is with a question redirect.

For example, if you discover your clients think the competitor’s product is cheaper (and you know it only looks cheaper because they didn’t include the hidden industry fees, whereas your company includes them), you might ask,“How much are you aware of the hidden costs in our industry?” Then let your clients carry the conversation.

This will allow you to find out what they know about the hidden costs. And if your clients don’t know about the hidden costs, your question helps increase their awareness and allows them to ask you about hidden costs so you two can launch into a conversation about them.

Your question redirects can be used to tactfully guide your sales conversation so clients learn the accurate information upon which to base their decisions.

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