Sales Tip – Improve Product Knowledge Today

Sales Tip – Improve Product Knowledge Today


Most sales people are looking for ways to increase their sales. As much as they may not want to admit it, going over the sales basics often helps increase their sales results.  This includes improving product knowledge.

If you are serious about improving your sales, consider doing some targeted preparation around why clients buy specific products.

Try to fill in a chart like the one below. You can do this with all your products or with your top 5 to 10 products.

Or you may want to try a chart like this one. Again, be sure to have the appropriate number of blank rows for the number of problems that match the products you sell.

Adapt the above charts as you see fit to better think through the best product options for clients. You’ll probably find product options that you never thought of or that you have thought of before but have stopped using in your sales conversations.

By filling out product charts like these you’ll discover how to best help clients with their buying decisions based on their specific problems.

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