Sales Tip – How to Get Your Clients Selling for You

Sales Tip – How to Get Your Clients Selling for You


During your sales preparation, consider developing some repeatable sound bites about each product you have to offer.

By developing and using sound bites for each product, you increase the chances clients will be able to speak more clearly and precisely about those products to others who are involved in their decision to buy.

For example, the other day my husband and I were shopping for a camera for me.  Without getting into too much camera tech talk, after speaking with the salesperson I whittled my decision down to two cameras.   The salesperson, who had listened carefully to what interested me most in the two cameras, started to refer to them as the “30x zoom” camera and the “outstanding picture quality” camera.  At first these sound bites may not seem that powerful.  Yet both my husband and I continuously referred to these two repeatable sound bites over lunch.  We weren’t talking about cameras.  We were debating about the advantages of the “30x zoom” and the “outstanding picture quality.”  My husband was more engaged in my camera decision than he ever was in the past.  These two sound bites fueled the discussion that led me to purchase the “30x zoom” after our lunch.

As a side note, here’s a bit of background that might be helpful.  Usually when I’ve bought a camera in the past, my husband didn’t remember much about the difference between the cameras.  But this time, he felt very much part of the process and since then, he has been talking to friends and family about the great “30x zoom.”  I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them decided to purchase the “30x zoom,” too.

The salesperson’s sound bites got my husband and I referring to the cameras by their advantages instead of their model numbers.  It led to a power sales conversation between the two of us over lunch, and it earned the salesperson the sale.  And it’s given my husband the tools to talk about the camera to others (one of our friends has bought one too).

Notice that by using sound bites, the salesperson got my husband to make a sale for him as well.

Do you use any repeatable sound bites now?

Which products do you not have sound bites for?

When are you going to get a chance to develop some sound bites for those products?

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