Sales Tip – 5 Sales Mistakes to Avoid So You Sell More

Sales Tip –  5 Sales Mistakes to Avoid So You Sell More 


Sales people make sales mistakes. Very often, these mistakes cost sales people sales.

The question is: what can sales people do to reduce their occurrence of these sales mistakes and increase their sales?

There are 3 steps a salesperson can engage in:

The first step is to identify the sales mistakes the sales person is making.

The second step is to get sales coaching to ensure the sales person improves their sales skills to avoid committing their specific sales mistakes.

The third step is to continually polish the sales person’s sales skills so they fine tune what they ask and say so it feels natural to the sales person and produces measurable improvement in the sales person’s sales results.

Sales mistakes committed by sales people include:

Mistake 1: Not Being Clear Who’s Buying

Clearly determining the decision maker is a basic sales skill. Yet many sales people act as if it’s not important.

If you find you commit this sales mistake, focus your sales preparation time on what you ask prospects in order to:

  • Clarify who the decision-maker is
  • Determine who else is involved the buying decision
  • Isolate the steps involved in the decision making process
  • Identify prospects’ buying criteria

Mistake 2: Forgetting Why People Buy

The sales principle “people buy on emotion justified by logic” is supported by neuroscience.

We buy both emotionally and logically. Sales people can better engage their prospects by effectively including both emotion and logic in their sales conversations.

To better engage prospects both emotionally and logically, spend more time on:

  • Identifying why prospects (emotionally and logically)
  • Providing prospects with what they need to buy
  • Linking prospects’ reasons for buying to the products you sell

Mistake 3: Being Self-Focused

When salespeople are self-focused, they often miss opportunities to sell when prospects are ready to buy. By using some additional structure, salespeople can become more client-focused.

When you find you are being self-focused, focus on what you can do to:

  • Ask more effective sales questions to discover your prospects’ needs
  • Customize your conversations to those needs

Mistake 4: Being Ill-Prepared

It’s not uncommon for salespeople to be ill-prepared. Salespeople know preparation can help them sell better. Part of the challenge is developing the habit of preparing and building preparation time into a sales person’s schedule.

You want to be as prepared as possible to help your prospects with their buying decisions. Include the following in your planning so you are prepared to:

  • Answer questions in a more helpful fashion
  • Respond to objections more effectively
  • Provide your opinions more appropriately

Mistake 5: Sharing What’s Not Relevant

Most people have experienced salespeople going on about things that aren’t of value to them.

If you have provided irrelevant information for your prospects, learn how to:

  • Truly listen to prospects
  • Determine what information is most valuable to prospects based on belief or understanding
  • Provide information in a more powerful way

When you commit any of these 5 sales mistakes, it’s not the end of the world.

It’s just means it’s time to put some time aside to better prepare how to improve your sales skills. Make your primary focus on what prospects need from you to help them with their buying decisions.

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