Sales Tip – How to Sell More…Engaging Clients’ Brains

Sales Tip – How to Sell More…Engaging Clients’ Brains


If you are like most salespeople, you probably agree with this statement:  “We buy on emotion justified by logic.”  The neuroscience supports this.  Yet, you may not be leveraging this insight during your sales conversations.

For example, are you using both emotion and logic in your sales conversations?

One way you could improve your use of emotion and logic in your sales conversations - take any product you sell and list the emotional reasons clients need the product and the logical reasons for justifying their purchase of that product.

Your lists might look like this for a fictitious product like the Wizbang Toothbrush.

The emotional reasons for needing the Wizbang Toothbrush are:

  • It will keep my teeth cleaner.
  • It will make my breath fresher… better for my relationship.
  • It will ensure brushing is more fun for my kids.

The logical reasons for justifying the purchase of the Wizbang Toothbrush:

  • It will save me money on dentist bills.
  • Its sonic feature is better for cleaning teeth.
  • It’s better for the environment.
  • We’ll use less toothpaste.

As you make lists about the various products you sell, you’ll begin to see patterns in your sales conversations.  Most salespeople I teach this to begin to see why they have sold certain clients and lost the sale with others.

Once you have made your lists for the products you sell, switch to how you leverage the information in your sales conversations.

Take one of your sales conversations from the last week and figure out what you could have asked or said to help those clients better connect to their emotional and logical reasons for buying.   Build a list of questions you can ask and statements you can make to help clients better connect to their emotional and logical reasons for buying.

You’ll quickly discover how leveraging your clients’ emotional and logical reasons for buying will help you and them with their buying decisions.

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