Sales Coaching Tip – 5 Steps to Make Your Sales Meeting Fun and Engaging

Sales Coaching Tip – 5 Steps to Make Your Sales Meeting Fun and Engaging


Many sales managers express concerns about how to provide more value for their salespeople during their sales meetings.

They have shared with me that their meetings become complain fests and they want to shift the purpose of their meeting to a more positive focus of sales improvement.

With this in mind, treat your sales meetings in a similar fashion to your sales coaching sessions.  It’s about the learning that occurs in your meetings (just like your sales coaching).

As part of your sales meeting improvement plan, examine the following 5 steps and see which one you can improve on.

1. Identify your team’s sales issues

This step is the key to ensuring your meetings are more productive.  You want to clearly identify what are your team’s biggest sales issues.  For example, are they struggling with product knowledge, how to answer the question of why their company over the competition, or price concerns?  This list can go on and on.  And for every team the list can be different based on the makeup of the team.

2. Brainstorm topics that address those issues

Once you know your team’s biggest sales issues, start brainstorming topics to address those issues.  For example (following the example questions above), you might select “positioning product d,” “success stories of clients who selected to do business with us versus the competition” or “addressing price objections in less time.”  As you brainstorm possible topics for your sales meeting agenda, it will become clear as to which ones speak to you the most.

3. Enlist the help of the team

Then enlist the help of your team.  Ask your salespeople to suggest additional topics, vote for the ones they’d like to add to the sales meeting agenda this week or month, volunteer to present their best practices on any of the “winning” topics, run an agenda topic discussion or document the best practices for your company intranet.  As you can see, there are multiple ways you can engage your team in your sales meetings.

4. Provide structure for group participation

If your sales team is like most, you have individuals who dominate meeting discussions.  This happens because some people process verbal information more quickly than others.   With this in mind, build processing time into your meetings.  For example, if the topic at hand is sales questions to identify prospects’ needs, ask your salespeople to write down 5 of the best sales questions they ask and then ask the group to share their ideas.  You’ll find that because you provided everyone with time to process their thoughts on the topic, you’ll have greater participation from everyone on the team.

5. Address any virtual challenges

If you have some of your salespeople attending the meeting virtually, you may want to increase the bonding and the social element of the group.  If this is the case, think of creative ways you can level the playing field.  For example, I recently had a meeting with my virtual team and we were celebrating a milestone and preparing for the next step of our project.  I set the meeting up over the lunch hour, called it a ‘lunch and learn’, and surprised everyone with pizza delivery so we were all eating together (part of the celebration) while going through our agenda.  It was fun and engaging for them.  It’s amazing how engaging pizza can be.

Examine your sales meetings through the lens of these 5 steps and see what you can do to improve yours.

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