LinkedIn Tip – Building Business Relationships with LinkedIn (Part 4)

LinkedIn Tip – Building Business Relationships with LinkedIn (Part 4)


When it comes to building relationships with LinkedIn, focus on helping others where it’s a win-win-win.  One of the ways to do this is to…

Connect others in need of work. 

On my way home recently, I stopped in at my local tech store to speak with the store manager (let’s call him Fred) who takes care of my computer needs.  I bought my last 3 computers from him.  A demonstration that he’s good at what he does.

The company he works for is closing their doors.

In our discussion, I discovered that he’s looking for a job.  First, let me acknowledge that it was an oversight on my part that we hadn’t connected on LinkedIn earlier.  I’m human.

As Fred and I spoke, it became clear that the industry he wanted to get into was one where I have a lot of LinkedIn contacts.

You’ll find the following steps helpful:

1.  Connect on LinkedIn

Fred and I connected on LinkedIn.

2.  Review the LinkedIn Profile of the Person You Connected With

I briefly reviewed Fred’s profile and noticed his profile needed some updating.

3.  Encourage Your Contact to Update

I made some suggestions for Fred (including links to some LinkedIn expert posts – see Part 2 of this post series for more detail about how to use expert posts to build relationships with those in your industry – the link is below).   He then worked on updating his LinkedIn profile.

4.  Introduce Your Contact

Once Fred’s profile was updated, I then had the ability to introduce him to Toronto leaders I know who are looking for good people.

This way I not only helped someone looking for a new job but I also helped someone looking to hire.  A win-win for all three of us.   Would I do this for just anybody?  No.  I did it for Fred because I knew how good he was.  My introduction was based on my experience of him.  I didn’t do it randomly.

The end of the story?  Fred got the job and is pleased with his new role.

LinkedIn can be your tool to building and maintaining strong business relationships.  Review the other posts in this series to help you discover some not-so-typical tips on using LinkedIn to build relationships.

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