Sales Tip – Why I Bought 5 Times More Than Planned

Sales Tip – Why I Bought 5 Times More Than Planned


Guido was one heck of a salesperson.  I went into his New York City shop with the intent of buying one product and I left with five.

What did Guido do that influenced me to buy five times more than I planned? Guido engaged my imagination to help me with my buying decision.  He demonstrated how to use your prospects’ imagination in the sales process.

I was desperately looking for the perfect pair of black pumps (it’s a girl thing).  I had already been to six shops that day and my patience was running thin.

Once I walked into Guido’s store, he had me with his second question.  I knew I was in for a treat when he asked it.  In all my years of shoe shopping, I had never heard anyone ask that question.  It engaged my imagination and led to me buying not one but five pairs of shoes.

When you engage your prospects’ imagination in what they need, you increase the likelihood that they will buy more, like I did.

Guido’s first question was, “What kind of shoes are you looking for today?”  This question was not unusual.  I’d heard other sales staff use it before.

His second question, though, made me smile. “If you were a shoe designer,” he said, “and you were designing a pair of pumps, what would they look like?”  I described what I would design.

Then he asked the same question while substituting the word pumps for boots, sandals and so on. Guido later emerged from the back room with shoes and boots that closely matched my descriptions.

In the same time it took the other sales staff to sell one pair of shoes, Guido sold five pairs.  He did this because he engaged my imagination, listened well to my descriptions and supplied me with what I imagined.

And I left feeling like he did me a favor.

Though Guido is retired now, it was always a treat to buy from him.

Who are the outstanding salespeople in your world?  And what is it that they did/do to make them outstanding?

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