LinkedIn Tip – Building Business Relationships with LinkedIn – Part 3

LinkedIn Tip – Building Business Relationships with LinkedIn – Part 3


LinkedIn has become the tool many business people use to learn more about the people they are considering contacting, preparing to meet, or deciding whether to connect with on LinkedIn.

Short version:  People are checking you out on LinkedIn.

With this in mind, you want to make it as easy as possible for others to get to know you and the value you bring to the table.

In particular, take a closer look at your use of media in your LinkedIn profile and add content to the media section of your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn allows you to add video, images, audio and slides loaded on other sites to your profile.  This includes Youtube and SlideShare.

You can add media to your summary or under each position in your profile.

All you have to do is click on the media icon to display media in your profile.

Media in your profile is a great opportunity to provide visibility for any products and/or services you offer.

Research indicates that in today’s marketplace the majority of people make most of their buying decision (in this context you can translate this to mean the decision to contact or connect with you) before they speak to a salesperson.

With this in mind, not having media content in your LinkedIn profile can contribute to lengthening the time it takes others to make their decision about contacting or connecting with you.

Once you decide to add media to your profile, how do you decide what to include and what not to include?

I decide what media to load to my LinkedIn profile based on 3 criteria:

a. The biggest challenges my prospects face – I have a Youtube video that includes the 10 biggest sales mistakes salespeople make.

b. The tools to help my prospects engage their other collaborative buyers in their decision-making process – I have a Youtube video and 2 SlideShare PowerPoint decks to help answer the question why leaders benefit from coaching or sales coaching.


 c. An opportunity for others to get to know me in a professional manner – Aside from the above, I have a Youtube video of me being interviewed about the neuroscience of selling.

I find this combination works well for the individuals I’m trying to reach.

Take a deeper look at the people you want to reach.  What kind of media would be most helpful to them?  Once you answer this question, add to your profile accordingly.

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