LinkedIn Tip – Building Business Relationships with LinkedIn (Part 2)

LinkedIn Tip – Building Business Relationships with LinkedIn (Part 2)


With over 330 million business people on LinkedIn, it has the potential to be a viable tool to reach more people and build relationships.

Anyone who is up on LinkedIn knows, it’s about building relationships.  Yet the key to this is to develop greater trust by providing value.  For this reason you need a strategy for when people connect with you on LinkedIn.

I’ve found that when I provide value early in the LinkedIn relationship, the quality of the relationships develops more quickly.

Here’s my secret:  Thank people for connecting with real value.

When others connect with you, respond with a brief thank you.  It can be as simple as “Thank you for connecting.”  But don’t stop there.

I’ve developed a habit of thanking people and providing them with a link to one of my recent posts that applies to their world.  It typically reads something like this:

Thanks for connecting. 

I genuinely believe in being helpful and providing value.  With that in mind, here’s one of my recent LinkedIn posts you might find valuable. 

Consider doing the same.

If you haven’t written any posts, don’t let that deter you from providing value.  Use the LinkedIn post search feature to look up other posts by author and/or topic.

Then select the ones that best match the needs of your prospects.  I continuously build a list of links for LinkedIn posts (written by myself and others) so they are ready to share at any time.  This way I ensure I’m time-efficient.

Make a list of your prospects’ biggest issues.  Then either write a post about each or search for posts written by others (don’t choose a competitor but rather someone with a similar target audience).  Develop an ongoing list of links that address those needs.

This simple strategy has gotten me more engagement on LinkedIn than I ever expected.  Here’s a sample of several responses I’ve received:

“I just read your article on Sales Coaching. I thought it was excellent!!!  I would love to connect with you sometime.”

“Thank you for sharing this interesting information. I strongly believe that these posts will be extremely helpful and informative.  Looking forward to hearing more from you!”

“I really appreciate you sending your post (keep them coming).  I’m constantly looking for ways to make our team better and stronger.”

These kinds of responses are a great opening to convert LinkedIn message conversations into real in-person conversations.

Give my ‘thanking with value’ LinkedIn strategy a try and see what kind of response you get.

Watch for Part 3 of how to build relationships with LinkedIn, coming out next month.

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