Sales Coaching Tip: The Makings of a Profitable Sales Coaching Conversation

Sales Coaching Tip: The Makings of a Profitable Sales Coaching Conversation


Sales coaching can be the lifeblood of an organization. When done effectively, sales coaching is the catalyst that improves sales results, team morale and employee retention.

Identify Sales Mistakes

Sales activities are a series of individual customized conversations where the salesperson’s responsibility is to help prospects with their buying decisions. Salespeople start committing sales mistakes when their actions are inconsistent with this sales philosophy and they shift from focusing on the prospect experience to manipulating a sales transaction.

Clarify Your Sales Coaching Philosophy

Sales coaching provides your salespeople with the support, structure and/or challenge they need to help their prospects with their buying decisions. As a by-product, your salespeople sell more, better, sooner and more often.

Sales coaching involves influencing your team members’ thinking, which, in turn, improves their sales behaviors and results in greater sales. It’s a cause-effect dynamic. If you try to take a shortcut and only focus on coaching sales behaviors, you make your salespeople dependent on you for reinforcement.

When you focus on shifting the thinking behind their sales behaviors, your sales coaching has lasting effects. Your salespeople are able to use the best of their thinking to solve their prospects’ issues and feel more confident in their growing sales abilities. And you’ll feel more secure knowing how capable they are.

Sales coaching is both a right and a privilege for your team members, not a penance for poor performance as some leaders mistakenly use it. Sales coaching is a right for every salesperson on your team, no matter their level of sales success. And it’s a privilege they earn by acting on the insights they gain from sales coaching.

When you effectively coach all your salespeople, you’ll notice their sales will increase.

Bake Up Great Sales Coaching Conversations

As you learn about how to apply sales coaching practices, keep in mind that effective sales coaching is much like baking a cake. The individual ingredients aren’t all that enticing. Yet, the magic happens when you put them together.

Imagine eating the ingredients of your favourite cake separately: two raw eggs, two cups of white flour, one teaspoon of baking powder. It doesn’t sound very appetizing, does it?

It’s similar when it comes to sales coaching. The singular ingredients of listening, asking questions, providing information and building trust can seem quite flat to many. Yet, when you mix them together, you have a profitable combination.

The magic of sales coaching happens when you match the sales coaching ingredients to the needs of the salesperson you’re coaching. There’s a common structure to the conversation, but each sales coaching session is customized to the individual’s needs. Imagine that each sales coaching conversation is a different kind of cake, depending on the needs in the moment. And each cake is flavored by the personality and sales skills of each team member.

Following this train of logic, your sales coaching conversation with one team member might be a chocolate cake, with another a banana coffee cake and with yet another, a strawberry angel food cake.

Understand Why Your Sales Coaching Is More Important Today Than Even

Today’s prospects and clients are sophisticated. Contributing to this is the ease in which product information and reviews can be accessed and complaints can be shared publicly. Disgruntled clients are no longer fully satisfied by filing their complaints with the perpetrating company. Instead, they often vent their complaints in social media for posterity. This makes your need to be an outstanding sales coach more necessary than ever.

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