Sales Coaching Tip – 26 Sales Coaching Questions Every Manager Should Use When Dealing with ROI Price Objections

Sales Coaching Tip – 26 Sales Coaching Questions Every Manager Should Use When Dealing with ROI Price Objections

Price objections can plague salespeople.  As your team’s coach, focus on the simple ways they can address ROI (return on investment) price objections.

Salespeople have three surefire responses to ROI concerns:

  1. Share a true client story about a client with a similar ROI objection
  2. Ask questions to better understand the prospect’s concerns
  3. Make the numbers more relatable for prospects

Help your salespeople who are experiencing ROI price objections by asking them corresponding sales coaching questions to develop more effective responses next time one of their prospects uses a similar objection.

Using the response options above as your sales coaching guide, you might:

1. Share a client scenario with a similar ROI objection

“What did you say in response to your prospect’s ROI price objection?”

“How did she respond?”

“Let’s do a little brainstorming.  Which of your past clients had a ROI price objection before they bought from you?”

“Let’s look at them one by one.  For the first one, how did you resolve their ROI concern?”

“When did they get their return on their investment?”

“How did that compare to their preferred timeline?”  (Repeat with other past clients who had ROI objections until you and your salesperson find several that match the timeline of the prospect the two of you are discussing.)

“Which client story would be most helpful for a prospect with a similar ROI price objection?

2. Ask questions to better understand the prospects’ concerns

“Did you get a chance to inquire about which part of the ROI concerns your prospect?”

“What did your prospect say in response when you asked about her concern?”

“Did your prospect have a specific timeline when she expected a return on her investment?”

“How far apart was your prospect’s preferred timeline and our usual timeline?”

“What could we do to ensure your prospect met her preferred timeline?”

“Did you discuss the options that we could engage to shorten her timeline?”

“Is there any other product(s) that would ensure your prospect met her preferred timeline?”

3. Make the numbers more relatable for prospects 

“Did you get the opportunity to discuss some ways the numbers would work for your prospect based on a normal, best or worst case scenario?”

“What numbers did you share with your prospect?”

“Which part of your numbers conversation did she have a challenge with?”

“What did your prospect share were her reasons for her concerns about the return on investment?”

“Let’s look at your options.  What is the usual timeline for a return on the investment with the product you suggested?”

“What would you say is the worst case ROI?”

“What would you say is the best case ROI?”

“What could we do to improve the odds of your prospect meeting their preferred ROI timeline?”

“What would be the likelihood of a worst case scenario?  What can we do to prevent that?”

“Take your prospect’s preferred date for a return on her investment.  What percentage of her investment will she have earned by then in a regular case scenario?”

“Of all the ideas we’ve talked about, what do you think you will do next time a prospect has a similar ROI price objection?”

“What questions will you ask to work with the prospect to discover the number details together?”


When you coach your salespeople using sales coaching questions like these, you truly help your salespeople think through better ways to respond to prospects’ ROI price objections in the future.   As they use their updated versions to deal with ROI price objections, you’ll discover they are able to sell more.


Which of your salespeople is having challenges with responding to ROI price objections?

Which of the above options do you think will be most helpful to which salespeople?

What sales coaching questions are you going to ask to help your team better respond to ROI price objections?


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