Taming Your Chocolate Addiction… it’s not what you think

Taming Your Chocolate Addiction

Having coached and taught thousands of people, it’s become very clear to me that people often do not meet with their goals because they perceive all they have to do is change their behavior.

For someone to meet their goals, it takes some reflection. The key to successful goal achievement?

Appreciate why you do what you do.

When you understand the reasons behind why you do what you do, it makes it easier for you to change the “said behavior.” The thinking behind your behavior is what drives the behavior.It’s not the behavior itself that drives the behavior.

Trying to change a behavior without understanding the thinking behind it is like trying to remove an iceberg by cutting the top of it off. It doesn’t work.The remaining larger part of the iceberg would rise to the surface.

Not sure?

Do a test.

Let’s say you have a chocolate addiction that you want to curve.

In your mind’s eye, observe yourself in the various scenarios when you reached for chocolate. What were you thinking?You’ll discover there’s a pattern to your thinking just before you reach for chocolate.It may be that you want a break.It may be that you miss someone.It may be that you need a pickup in energy.

Once you know the thinking behind your chocolate addiction, you have the power to change it. Find other ways to get the driver behind your behavior fed.

If your thinking is you need a break, find alternative ways to get that break such as go for a walk or sip a cup of herbal tea. If your thinking is you miss someone, consider ways to reach out or honor them. If your thinking is you need an energy pickup, investigate other foods to meet that energy need.

Here’s the good news: then you have choice. When you notice the thinking that once caused you to reach out for chocolate, you now can choose between multiple solutions.And occasionally that choice might include chocolate.Ironically, once you feed the thinking behind the behavior, you’ll find you can eat chocolate in moderation and actually stop yourself before you go “too far.”

May your New Year bring you choice, some chocolate, and more of what you love.

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