Sales Coaching Tip – Sales Coaching Secret

Sales Coaching Tip – Sales Coaching Secret

Too many sales coaching conversations are only about sales philosophy and what a salesperson should do. The problem with this is these kinds of conversations are not based on what’s really going on in the salesperson’s world. They are idealistic and often, as a by-product, don’t result in improved sales.

Instead, profitable sales coaching conversations explore what the salesperson did during a specific sales interaction and how he/she can improve what he/she did. The more specific the sales coach can get the more effective the sales coaching conversation is.

Here’s the sales coaching secret: Consistently, regularly and persistently get to the specifics of the sales conversations your salespeople have.

Don’t let the simplicity take away from the power of it. It’s in the details where a sale is made or lost. And it is in coaching the details where sales improvement is gained.

As the sales coach, how do you help your salespeople? Ask them to share their words (as close to reality as they can remember), their perceptions of what the prospect/client said in response and then help your salespeople improve what they asked or said.

For example, while coaching one of your salespeople on a specific sales call, you could explore what he asked to:

  • Discover his prospect’s needs
  • Clarify if his prospect would benefit from additional products
  • Confirm the sale

Then you might inquire what he said to:

  • Demonstrate he had his prospect’s best interest in mind
  • Position the conversation about additional products as an advantage to his prospect
  • Respond to his prospect’s price concerns

When you get into the details of what your salespeople asked and said in specific sales conversations, you help them increase their awareness of what they did that worked and didn’t work. These kinds of detailed and realistic conversations will quickly allow you to identify the knowledge gaps so you can help your salespeople sell more effectively. This way, you truly are coaching the reality of what they can do better.

Who on your team could benefit from improving their sales conversations?

What are you going to do to explore the specifics of your salespeople’s sales conversations?

Which parts of the examples above might be helpful to you and your salespeople during your sales coaching conversations?

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