Sales Coaching Tip – Setting Sales Improvement Goals

Sales Coaching Tip – Setting Sales Improvement Goals

When you assist your salespeople with their sales improvement goals, help them better strategize so they are set up for greater sales success. The key that has the greatest impact on your team’s improved sales results is the quality of their sales conversations.

With this in mind, focus your sales strategy with them on narrowing in on the sales conversations components that are their strengths and their areas of improvement.

Focus your sales coaching efforts on enhancing these five components of your team’s sales conversations:

  1. The sales questions they ask
  2. The way they identify, isolate and address objections
  3. How they manage their time
  4. What they say to engage their prospects
  5. What they do to demonstrate they have their prospects best interests in mind

Examine how your salespeople can improve their sales conversations with a focus on these components.

By ensuring you cover these components, you’ll ensure they improve their sales conversations.

Who on your team is not selling as much as they would like?

What can you do to help those team members improve the quality of their sales conversations?

What sales coaching questions can you ask to help your salespeople improve the quality of their sales conversations?

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