Sales Coaching Tip – Using LinkedIn for Prospecting

Sales Coaching Tip – Using LinkedIn for Prospecting

Study: 78% of Salespeople Using Social Media Outsell Their Peers.”  This Forbes headline provides a compelling argument for your salespeople to use social media as an additional sales tool.  

It also raises the key question about your sales coaching.  Are you coaching your salespeople on their social media usage? 

If your response is anything other than a resounding, “Yes!” consider coaching your salespeople on their use of social media.  Consider starting with LinkedIn.   

LinkedIn is an excellent social media portal for initiating business relationships that can later lead to sales.  It can be a valuable prospecting tool if your team learns how to use it well. 

First and foremost help your salespeople develop a profile that is search-friendly and causes people to want to connect with them. 

When coaching your salespeople on their LinkedIn profile, help them tweak:

  • Their keywords so your salespeople rank high in prospects’ LinkedIn searches
  • Their headline so when prospects receive an invite to connect they see value in connecting with your salespeople
  • Their profile so it is more personable and provides greater value to potential prospects
  • The information in their profile so prospects have access to the data they need to justify their buying decisions (This can include posts, recommendations, videos, visual presentations, etc.)

Once your salespeople have sufficiently improved on their profiles, you can then focus your coaching on them proactively prospecting by building relationships with potential clients.

Who on your team could benefit from some LinkedIn sales coaching?

Which keywords do your company’s potential clients use when searching for your product(s)/service(s)?

Who are you going to start coaching this week on their use of LinkedIn?   

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