Sales Coaching Tip – Who’s Training Who?

Sales Coaching Tip – Who’s Training Who

In an effort to help their sales team sell more, many sales managers end up being trained by their salespeople. These sales managers become conditioned by their sales team to do the majority of the thinking and idea generation. Beware of being trainedby your salespeople to become the source of their answers.

Instead, set your sights on being the catalyst of your salespeople’s thinking and idea generation. This way you coach them to become independent thinkers instead of dependent doers.

As their sales coach, your role is to not do the thinking or the idea generation for your salespeople. Instead, your sales coaching role is to trigger your salespeople’s thinking and ideas. They’ll then apply the best of their thinking in their sales interactions. You’ll also find they’ll perform better in your absence when you help them improve their thinking skills.

If you find yourself slipping into the role of doing the thinking and idea generation during one of your sales coaching conversations, shift the conversation to your team member’s thinking by asking questions.

For example, if your salesperson is trying to figure out what to say to a prospect because he got a question that he’s not completely sure of the answer, you could ask:

“If I wasn’t around, where would you look for the answer?” (Let’s say he responds with the online product manual.)

“Great. Where would you look?” (He says he’d look in the specs section.)

“That makes sense. Let’s go there now. What do you notice?” (He opens his tablet and goes to the specs section and discovers the answer is not there.)

Where would you look now?” (He responds by saying I’d go to the details section.)

“Let’s go there. What do you see?” (He finds and has his eureka moment.)

“Now that you have your answer, what would you say to your prospect?”

Use questions to help your salespeople become more engaged, independent thinkers and reduce their training of you as the source of their sales answers.

When was the last time you were aware that you were slipping into the role of supplying salespeople with answers?

Who on your team do you do this with more often?

What questions could you ask to trigger your salespeople’s thinking and idea generation?

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