Sales Coaching Tip – What’s More Important than Closing?

Sales Coaching Tip – What’s More Important than Closing?

Though most salespeople would argue that the most important part of a sales conversation is the close, the reality is the first part of a sales conversation, where they identify prospect’s needs, is the predictor of their sales success.

You could argue that a salesperson who is a “good closer” but not a “good identifier of prospect’s needs” is less likely to be as successful as a “good identifier of prospect’s needs.”

With this in mind, when your salespeople ask effective questions early in their sales conversations, they put themselves in the position to be more helpful to prospects with their buying decisions and, in turn, improve their sales results. When your salespeople focus on discovering prospects’ needs consistently, your team will be surprised at how simple it is to close more sales.

How do you coach your salespeople to engage in behaviors to more consistently identify prospects’ needs?

Ask your salespeople questions about what they did and how they could have done a better job of identifying their prospects’ needs. You might ask questions like:

“What were the prospect’s reasons for his call?”

“What were his reasons for asking what he asked for?”

“Knowing the industry as you do, do you think what he was asking for was the best match for his needs?”

“What makes you think that?”

“What specifically did the prospect say that made you think that?”

“What did you ask to find out what he needed?”

“What were his concerns that fueled what he thought he needed?”

“Did he have any budget concerns?”

“Did he have any timeline concerns?”

“Did he have any concerns about the others involved in his buying decision?”

“What were his top 3 criteria for making his buying decision?”

When you coach your salespeople to think more deeply about what prospects need, your salespeople will improve the first parts of their sales conversations so they make it easier to help prospects with their buying decisions. A natural by-product is your team’s sales results will improve.

Which of your salespeople are not reaching their targets?

What have those individuals been doing to discover their prospects’ needs?

What questions are you going to ask to help your salespeople to discover more about their prospects’ needs?

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