Sales Coaching Tip – Preventing Buyer’s Remorse

Sales Coaching Tip – Preventing Buyer’s Remorse

Because salespeople are often singularly focused on the close, they sometimes need reminders to keep client loyalty top of mind. After all, the transition from prospect to client does not end once buying decisions are made. Clients often reflect on their purchase long after their monies have transferred and the deal closed.

For this reason, coach your salespeople to prevent buyer’s remorse.

During your coaching sessions, ask your salespeople questions about the sales behaviors they engage in that have a great potential of leading to buyer’s remorse and coach them to be focused on continually having their clients’ best interests in mind.

Your sales coaching discussions might include questions like:

  • What happened once your prospect became a client?
  • What information led your prospect to make his decision to buy?
  • What did you say once the deal was closed?
  • Did your prospect express any concerns about the product during your discussion?
  • What did you do to address those concerns?
  • What did your prospects say to indicate he understood how we take care of that concern?
  • What kind of follow-up are you planning with this new client?
  • How are you going to integrate some of his previous concerns in your follow-up?
  • How are you going to position how our company addresses his concerns as an advantage to him and anyone he could refer to you?

By coaching your salespeople think beyond the initial sale, you’ll help them reduce their clients’ buyer’s remorse. And at the same time, you’ll increase the chances of your team getting more referrals.

Who of your salespeople need help with what comes after the close?

What questions are you going to ask to help those team members prevent buyer’s remorse?

When are you going to coach those individuals on how to prevent buyer’s remorse?

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