Sales Coaching Tip – How Well Do Your Salespeople Position Their Sales Tools?

Sales Coaching Tip – How Well Do Your Salespeople Position Their Sales Tools?

Most salespeople use sales tools, whether it’s a one-pager to help isolate the steps in a prospect’s buying decision, a PowerPoint presentation to review the benefits of a project or an iPad to review a prospect’s product options on the web.

As a sales coach whose focus is on results, ensure you coach your salespeople on how they use their sales tools during their sales conversations. Start by inquiring about what each of your salespeople say and ask when they use their sales tools. For example, you could ask about:

  1. What questions your salespeople ask to determine which tool use
  2. How your team members transition to using a sales tool
  3. How your salespeople sell in the value of using a particular sales tool
  4. What your team members say about a sales tool before they physically show it to a prospect
  5. What your salespeople say when prospects return the tool to your team members
  6. What your team members say to bridge the conversation between the tool and the discussion about the prospect’s buying decision

Your salespeople’s responses to your sales tool usage questions will provide for rich content for your sales coaching conversations.

For example, if a team member shares that he doesn’t know now to sell in the value of using a sales tool. You can coach him to explore the various ways he could position the value of the sales tool. Once he’s exhausted the options of what he could say (remember you want to find out what he knows before you share), you might provide him with an additional option like:

“The tool will reduce the length of our conversation, from all the things we can talk about, to the fewest number of things that are most helpful to you. We’ll take less time yet still cover what you need.”

When you coach your salespeople’s use of sales tools, they become more effective and efficient during their sales conversations. This typically leads to greater sales.

When was the last time you coached your team members on how they position their sales tools with prospects?

Who on your team is not positioning their sales tools as effectively as they could?

When are you going to get a chance to coach those individuals on the positioning of their sales tools?

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