Sales Coaching Tip – How Do Your Team’s Relationship-Building Skills Measure Up?

Sales Coaching Tip – Relationship-Building Skills

As you know, when salespeople engage more consistently in relationship-building behaviors, they increase the likelihood of selling more. And when they engage in behaviors that don’t build relationships, they decrease the likelihood of selling much.

With this in mind, during your sales coaching help your salespeople take an inventory of their relationship-building behaviors and then use it as a springboard for a deeper conversation.

When you meet with one of your salespeople, have you and your team member separately review the following and each rank how frequently he/she engages in the following behaviors. Each of you circles the frequency level that you perceive best matches the salesperson’s behavior.

Ask questions to discover prospects’ issues

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

Listen to fully hear and understand prospect

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

Focus on providing value in conversation

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

Demonstrate having prospect’s best interest in mind

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

Provide prospect with opportunity to think out loud

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

Inquire about covering all a prospect’s questions

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

Manage conversation time well (i.e. not go over time)

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

Discover where prospect with his/her buying decision

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

Ask prospect for the various steps of their buying decision timelines

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

Provide insight that isn’t available on the net

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

Clarify next steps before end of conversation

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

Once you and your salesperson have filled out the above, compare your two perspectives. Where are your answers similar? Where are they different?

Use the content as the fuel for your sales coaching conversation. It may be a discussion about how well they demonstrated a particular behavior and how specifically they do it (this kind of information can help others perform better as well) or it may be about how to improve what they didn’t do as frequently as they would like.

Help your salespeople identify what might be getting in the way of them engaging these behaviors more frequently and commit to improving one behavior immediately. Don’t have them commit to three changes at once. Focus on one at a time, supported by feedback specific to the behavior they selected to improve.

Who on your team are you going to work with on improving their relationship-building behaviors?

What questions can you ask those individuals after you and they use the tool above?

When are you going to get a chance to use the above tool with those individuals?

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