Sales Coaching Tip – Hong Kong and Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching Tip – Hong Kong and Sales Coaching

Recently I was in Hong Kong and was super impressed with many of the city’s efficiencies. Though there are a lot of people in Hong Kong, I didn’t feel like a sardine because of the way the city manages the flow of people and things.

I had 2 bags to check that I wasn’t particularly looking forward to lugging to the airport when I left. To my surprise, I didn’t end up lugging my 2 checked bags to the airport because of the system they had developed.

To get the Hong Kong airport from downtown, there is a very efficient (what else would you expect) train that runs every 12 minutes. I had pictured myself struggling with my 2 checked bags (as well as my carryon luggage), trying to get through the turn styles, on the train and then off when I arrived at the airport. You get the picture. A bit cumbersome.

Yet my experience was far different and memorable. I arrived at the train station to be greeted by a friendly guide who showed me how the locals check their bags with their airlines before they get on the train. Maybe I’m impressed by the little things but picture this. I checked my bags in downtown Hong Kong, went to the airport, stopped in Beijing for a layover and collected my bags in Toronto 24 hours later. Impressive.

Why do I share this? I left Hong Kong feeling impressed with the city and its efficiency. I left with a “positive” feeling about the city because of my experiences there.

Since people buy on emotion justified by logic (one of our sales principles we share in all our sales programs), consider coaching your team members on what they can do to have their prospect and clients leave their conversations with a “positive” feeling. After all, we often remember feelings from our interactions far better than the details of those conversations.

To prove the point, think back to your favorite teacher. I’m going to guess that you remember more about your overall feelings than the details about the lessons you were taught in his/her class.

With this in mind, coach your salespeople on the details of their conversations that build trust. Yes, trust. Trust is one of the key factors in creating a valuable long-term relationship with others that will leave them feeling more “positive” about you team members and will cause others to refer and buy more. And my research and experience indicates the number one way for your salespeople to earn more trust is by engaging more often in behaviors that demonstrate they are listening to their prospects and clients.

When you are coaching your salespeople on developing greater trust with others, ask them questions about the various aspects of their sales conversations and listen to their answers with the lens of how well what they asked or said demonstrated that they heard their prospects or clients. Then coach them accordingly on how they can improve the demonstration of their listening skills.

This kind of sales coaching will ensure prospects and clients leave their conversations with your salespeople feeling more “positive” than they did before and this will lead to more business. After all, neuroscience research indicates we buy because of “positive anticipation.”

Who on your team is not selling as well or as they would like?

Of those individuals, who will you coach this week on their demonstration of their listening?

What can you do to help them develop greater trust with their prospects and clients?

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