Sales Coaching Tip – 3 Sales Coaching Methods to Improve Sales

Sales Coaching Tip – 3 Sales Coaching Methods to Improve Sales

There are 3 sales coaching methods that will improve your team’s sales results. One method is no better than another, nor is 1 method the answer in 1 industry. All 3 are valuable. You may find you need to use all 3 in the same week with your salespeople. You may find even in 1 sales coaching session you may use more than one of these methods.

Each of the 3 sales coaching methods serves a purpose and plays a role in helping your salespeople reach and surpass their targets.

As you read through them, keep your salespeople in mind. The 3 ways to improve your team’s results are:

1. Sales Preparation Sales Coaching

With this sales coaching method, coach your salespeople to be better prepared to sell more, better, sooner or more often. This usually involves coaching them on any one of the following:

  • The questions they ask
  • The way they introduce information
  • The stories they share
  • The transitions they use to sell more
  • How they connect their prospects’ answers to what they share with prospects
  • A particular sales challenge (such as price objections)

Often it’s helpful to have salespeople write out what they typically do, say or ask under certain circumstances. This can provide rich content to determine the focus of their sales preparation.

Also keep in mind that your salespeople can benefit from help with their development of systems for the various parts of their sales interactions. For example, you might help them develop a checklist, a set of template emails, a group of social media messages, a list of questions to ask based on circumstances, etc…. Help them make the repeating sales activities they engage in effective and efficient.

2. Sales Practice Sales Coaching

Once your salespeople have done their sales preparation, the logical next step is to have them use their new approach in an as real as possible scenario. Typically this would involve a role play.

Role play is not only effective after a sales preparation session. It is also a helpful tool to test the effectiveness of what a salesperson is thinking about doing.

For example, if you have a team member who comes to you and says they are meeting with a new client this afternoon, you might ask them to role play the situation with you to rehearse their sales conversation and discover if there are potential glitches lurking in the conversation. Your sales practice sales coaching becomes a predictive tool to avoid sales challenges and help your salespeople see potential problems before they arise.

3. Sales Acceleration Sales Coaching

The ultimate goal of sales coaching is sales improvement. And sales acceleration sales coaching is no different. Its focus is on coaching your salespeople to improve what they are currently doing with prospects.

Sales acceleration sales coaching is grounded in the detailed review of a recent sales conversation. For example, if you were coaching a team member about a sales conversation in which the prospect raised a price objection, you would review how your team member responded to the prospect’s price objection and coach him to find a more effective way to respond to the objection. Your coaching would most likely also include helping your team member notice the prospect’s earlier price objection signals, followed by how to address those price objections earlier in a sales conversation.

Sales acceleration sales coaching often results in your salespeople better understanding the correlation between their sales actions and their sales results.

Use these 3 sales coaching methods to help your salespeople sell more. Match the sales coaching method to your salespeople’s needs and together you’ll see them reaching and surpassing their targets.

Which of your salespeople needs more sales preparation?

Who on your team would benefit from some sales practice?

Who on your team will you be focusing on sales acceleration with?

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