Sales Coaching Tip – Making Product Knowledge More Fun

Sales Coaching Tip – Making Product Knowledge More Fun


Recently a sales leader, Jim, debated with me about whether product knowledge really is essential for a salesperson. His argument was that the skills that make someone a good salesperson do not include product knowledge. In today’s marketplace, it might seem like product knowledge is not necessary since prospects can come with as much as 70 percent of their buying decision made before they speak with a salesperson.

Yet in this sales environment, it’s even more important for salespeople to know their products well and to connect the value of those products to a prospect solution. In many ways, product knowledge now is not limited to the benefits and features of a product as it once was. Today salespeople need to know the content, and, the context of their products.

Your salespeople need to know finer nuances of their products so they can provide value to prospects who have done their homework on the net. Your team members need to know the questions to ask to discover what information their prospects are basing their decisions on and what information might be even more valuable to their decision making.

With this in mind, consider doing some product knowledge preparation with your salespeople in that context. A great way to do this is to create product knowledge cards and ask them to match what is on the card with a product or visa versa.

For example, your cards might include questions like:

  • What problem is product ________________ a solution for?
  • How does product __________________ solve problem _____________________?
  • What the top 3 prospect problems did you come across this week?
  • Which product solves each of the top 3 prospect problems you encountered this week?
  • Which of our products help prospects who have budget restrictions?
  • What questions would you ask to find out if product _________________ is a good match for a prospect?
  • What questions do you ask a prospect who is deciding between product _______ vs. product ___________?
  • What details about product ____________________ do most prospects not know about but they should?
  • What makes product _______________ a better choice than product ________ under these circumstances?
  • Under which circumstances is product ____________________ the best choice for a prospect?
  • Under which circumstances is product __________________ not the ideal choice for a prospect?
  • If a prospect were time-pressed, what one question would you ask to determine which of product ______ or product _______ is best for them?
  • If a prospect were time-pressed, what story would you share about product _________?
  • What valuable information can you share with prospects that is not available on the web about product ____________?
  • What information about product ________________ will increase the likelihood of a prospect buying now?
  • What information about product _________________ makes its price a “no-brainer”?

As you can see, this use of product knowledge cards mimics the in-the-momentness of sales conversations. By using cards with questions like these, you provide your salespeople with the opportunity to think on their feet in a fun way that allows them to practice the valuable tools needed to sell products in today’s marketplace. They can use this card exercise in one-on-one sales coaching or during a sales meeting. Either way, your salespeople will enjoy the process and get to learn how to sell their products in a way that is more relevant to their prospects’ needs.

Who on your team seems to be struggling with their product knowledge?

Which of those individuals might benefit from the use of product knowledge cards?

How are you going to use product knowledge cards? In one-on-one coaching? Or in a sales meeting?

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