Sales Coaching Tip – How to Test Your Team’s 2014 Sales Goals

Sales Coaching Tip – How to Test Your Team’s 2014 Sales Goals

I just finished listening to a salesperson who set an unrealistic goal for himself for 2014. A nice guy but unrealistic. How do I know that his goal is unrealistic? And that I’m not being pessimistic?

The first indicator was his goal is increase his sales by more than 4 times.

You might be thinking, “That’s possible.” And I’d agree. Yet, for it to be possible, he’d need to have clear answers to the following questions:

  1. What are you going to do differently in 2014?
  2. What mechanisms do you have in place to increase your sales by that much?
  3. How are you going to quadruple your sales?

The second indicator was his answers to the above questions demonstrated that he had no strategy, structure or plan in place to reach his goal.

And the third indicator that we didn’t even get to in our conversation, was he didn’t have his goal broken down into doable chunks for execution and measurement of success.

One of the greatest gifts salespeople have is their sense of accomplishment when they meet their sales goals. This sense of accomplishment helps build their confidence which feeds their ability to sell more.

And, one the greatest detriments to future sales is when salespeople don’t reach their incremental sales goals. This can lower their self-worth and, in turn, their sales results.

By breaking your team’s sales goals into doable chunks, you build their confidence, increase their sales and help them visualize the details of what they need to do to reach their sales goals.

Help your team members build their sales confidence and avoid the let down from not reaching their sales goals by helping them with the backend of their 2014 goals. Coach them to set goals that are matched with the appropriate strategy, structure and plans to meet those goals. And then, help them break down their goals into doable chunks that are easy to execute and measure on a weekly and daily basis.

Who on your team is setting their goals for 2014?

Of those individuals, who could benefit from some coaching on their strategy, structure and plans to meet their goals?

What are you doing to do, ask or say to help them break down their goals into doable chunks for execution and measurement?

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