Sales Coaching Tip – Add Star Power to Your Coaching

Sales Coaching Tip – Add Star Power to Your Coaching

You’ll never guess who I ran into grocery shopping. David Sutcliffe!!! (The exclamation marks are for my husband, Tom, as he was star stuck.)

David is the Canadian actor who’s been in Gilmore Girls, Under the Tuscan Sun, and Private Practice. And he’s currently the star of the popular TV show, Cracked (great show by the way).

As Tom and I waited to pay for our groceries, we engaged David in a conversation. We were curious about the kind of preparation he does for Cracked. We found out that David ensures he knows most of his lines before he hits the studio for filming, that the studio shoots one scene at a time (2 – 3 minutes in length) and that it takes a week to create 1 episode of Cracked.

Let’s translate this into your sales coaching world. David’s preparation provides some valuable structure for you and your salespeople when it comes to their preparation. It provides you and your team with three categories of preparation to reflect and act upon:

  1. Individual Preparation – In David’s world, this is the work he does to know his lines before he arrives at the studio for shooting. In your team’s world, this is the work they engage in to know their product(s). When it comes to coaching of this type of preparation, though you don’t do it together, you can help your salespeople by asking coaching questions about the process, resources and time they will need for their individual preparation.

  1. Team Preparation – David’s team preparation involves the studio shooting with the other actors from the show until they get it perfect. Your team’s team preparation is the coaching they do with you to fine tune the sales questions they are going to ask and the information they are going to share. After all doesn’t role playing look somewhat similar to a camera shoot? You help your salespeople polish what they are going to say until its camera ready to be used with real prospects.

  1. Pulling-It-Together Preparation – David’s Pulling-It-Together Preparation is the editing of the clips of his and his fellow actors’ work for the creation of the final polished episode. Your team’s Pulling-It-Together Preparation requires your team to be more actively involved. It’s when your team members work with prospects to pull together a deal. When you’re coaching your team for this kind of preparation, you’re asking them coaching questions about how they involve prospects in the buying process, including:
  • How they transition from one part of the conversation to the next
  • How they check to discover their prospect buying process
  • How they engage prospects in determining their preferred way of doing business, etc…

When coaching your team on their sales preparation, consider taking David’s lead and coach your team on their individual, team and pulling-it-together preparation.

Who on your team could benefit from some additional preparation?

Which of the three types of David preparation do they need?

When are you going to get a chance to coach them on their preparation in the coming week?

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