Sales Coaching Tip – Sales Mistake 9

Sales Coaching Tip – Sales Mistake 9

The world of sales has changed because cloud, social and mobile technologies have changed the way people buy.

Research indicates that prospects can often have as much as 70 percent of their buying decision made before they speak with a salesperson. No longer are salespeople the sole providers of product information. In fact, in some cases prospects may know more about products than salespeople do.

Because of these changes, trying to sell products like a traditional salesperson is becoming more and more ineffective.

More than ever, salespeople need to meet prospects’ where they are and navigate their sales conversations according prospects’ varying needs. It’s about salespeople joining their prospects where they are on the spectrum of their decision to buy, whether they have 40, 55 or 70 percent of their buying decision made.

When salespeople use traditional sales techniques to help their prospects with their buying decisions, salespeople actually turn many prospects off and lose sales.

Help your team better understand how technological advancements have changed their sales world and how traditional sales techniques are no longer the effective in this new sales reality.

Help your salespeople recognize that there are signs they are acting like a traditional salesperson. They’ll find they have:

  • Lower than normal number of long-term clients
  • Fewer clients than other team members
  • A focus on pitching and closing

Help them understand that to be successful in today’s marketplace, it’s about helping prospects with their buying decisions. Coach you team on what they are asking and doing to help prospects with these decisions. For example, what are they asking to clarify their prospects’ buying process, what stories are they sharing about the criteria their clients’ used for buying, and what are they asking to discover the details of the timing of their prospects’ buying decisions.

Coach your salespeople to sell more effectively in this new sales reality and they’ll be less likely to revert to the less effective traditional sales techniques.

To help prevent your team members from acting like a traditional salesperson, use the Chapter 10 exercise from my new book, Sell More with Sales Coaching. You can get a free copy of the exercise by going to the “Resources” section of our site.

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