Sales Coaching Tip – Improve Your Team’s Sales Skills

Sales Coaching Tip – Improve Your Team’s Sales Skills

Salespeople often think they are working on the necessary sales skills to perfect their craft. Yet, there is often a discrepancy between their sales actions and the sales skills they could be developing.

To help your salespeople improve their sales skills, consider doing this during your sales coaching sessions with your salespeople to:

  1. Ask them to make a list of skills that they would like to learn or improve
  2. Get them to rank each of those skills based on where they currently perceive they are on a scale of one to ten (one being a beginner and ten being absolutely masterful)
  3. Then have them rank where they would like each of those skills to be in the near future

You might find it helpful to have a list of sales skills to help trigger your team members listing and ranking. Here’s a list of skills to help you and them get started:

  • Dealing with objections in a more effective or professional manner
  • Handling irate clients in a better way
  • Providing relevant information efficiently
  • Identifying clients’ needs quickly
  • Asking better questions
  • Gaining a greater rapport with clients
  • Understanding clients’ priorities better
  • Asking for referrals more effectively
  • Using social media for prospecting more proficiently

This kind of ranking by your team members provides great material for your sales coaching conversations where together you’ll work on a plan of how they are going to go from where they are currently to where they would like to be.

These kinds of sales coaching conversations can be great spring boards to discussions about fine-tuning what your team members could be doing to improve their skills even better or faster. You become their sounding board for their improvement plans.

What skills do you think your team members need to work on most?

How are you going to help those team members determine their current skills and their goals?

What are you going to do to help them to improve their skills?

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