Salespeople sell more when they’re coached effectively and regularly. Our results prove sales coaching increases sales. Harvard Business Review reports it. The Sales Executive Council documents it.

Discover how to sell more with 2 free chapters, “Chapter 1: Ensuring Your Sales Coaching Gets Results” and “Chapter 3: Forgetting Why People Buy” from Sell More with Sales Coaching.

In chapter 1, you’ll discover:
• How sales coaching works – The Quantum Coaching Effect
• The key pitfall to avoid in your sales coaching conversations
• Your three sales coaching skills to ensure your sales coaching gets results
• How to know your team members are getting the most out of your sales coaching
• The powerful impact trust has on your team, sales coaching and clients
• Your tool to diagnose sales mistakes – The Sales Forensic Evidence Audit
• 10 action items to improve your sales coaching

In chapter 3, you’ll learn:
• What not to do when trying to discover why people buy
• The consequences of forgetting why people buy
• The price objection cycle that salespeople get caught in when they forget why people buy
• The forensic evidence that indicates salespeople are forgetting why people buy
• What to watch and listen for to know salespeople are forgetting why people buy
• The neurological reasons people buy
• How salespeople can link their prospects’ reasons for buying to the product they sell
• The formula for linking the reasons for buying to the product salespeople sell
• How and when to use the formula in a sales conversation
• Sales coaching questions to ensure salespeople demonstrate they know why people buy
• Exercise for salespeople to practice that they know why people buy
• 10 action items to improve your salespeople’s understanding of why people buy

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